Custom Homes



When choosing a home designer, you may consider architects, draftsmen, builders or others. Whichever road you take towards selecting a construction chief, however, the selection process is essentially the same.

Locate possibilities from advertisements, the telephone book, friends, recommendations, signboards on job sites, or any other source. Call these possibilities, gradually culling them to two or three that you want to interview. At this point, be sure to take enough time to make sure that all your questions are answered, completely, unhurriedly and candidly. You and others sharing your dream should feel strong compatibility with the person(s) you hire – you’ll be working closely with them for several months.

You may question why a professional designer is required. Remember, a professional designer is insurance against poor quality and poor performance. And, the professional designer knows how to draw plans.

The importance of thorough plans cannot be overstated. Excellent plans insure two things – that your dream is communicated clearly and that everyone on the job knows the quality level expected. Setting a tone for high quality is also crucial to the proper implementation of a house plan. When subcontractors and suppliers know that you took the time and expense to have an excellent plan drawn they will also know that you will expect similarly excellent results. On the other hand, a poor plan communicates that your home is “just another project.”

Don’t let your home be “just another project”! Be sure to choose a home designer with whom you and subcontractors can communicate in a professional manner. In other words, be sure to choose a home designer that can deliver high quality plans. If you live in Northwest Louisiana, consider checking into JEB Design/Build, LLC, a firm with a strong design background. Wherever you live, feel free to utilize the resources we have compiled for you.

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