Traffic is terrible, work is crazy. Shouldn’t one thing be simple? JEB Design/Build, LLC’s all-under-one-roof approach is determined to take the headache out of home improvement. Visit with one of our professional project consultants to turn your project into a completed reality. You’ll also get the chance to explore the offerings of our fine cabinetry, countertop, lighting, appliance and building products vendors. They will guide you through the process step by step.


Mr. Breithaupt (pronounced Bright-Up), and the firm bearing his name, are end points of a non-traditional career path. During his high school years, where his focus was on art, he worked in his father’s contracting firm drafting plans and being a laborer on construction sites. Jeb has been designing house plans since 1971.

Jeb earned a degree in Architecture and a Master of Business Administration degree at Louisiana State University at Baton Rouge in 1980 and 1981. While all of this was in progress, Jeb began to create copper plate etchings to produce prints, reflecting his love of Louisiana and its culture.

After marriage to Robin Gordon, Jeb and Robin moved to Dallas, Texas to pursue printmaking as his career. With six agents and sales in 45 states, Canada and overseas; he also had art shows, two of which were in New York City. By 1984, almost 9,000 of his etchings were in collections throughout the U.S. Today, he estimates that over 10,000 of his etchings, originals and reproductions, are in private collections.

The death of Jeb’s father, Joe, in 1983 led Jeb to return to Shreveport to carry on a family business that started in 1953. Jeb continued his love for art through design of unique custom homes. He now enjoys sharing his enthusiasm of his work in community college classrooms, offering classes on designing and building dream homes.

Jeb has judged residential projects nationally with Custom Home Magazine and the National Association of Home Builders. His construction firm was one of 15 firms in the country to receive a “Pacesetter Award” from Custom Home for outstanding customer service.


  1. I admire your article. It contains valuable piece of information . Thanks for sharing.

  2. Do you do restoration of historic structures like the work you saw at Melrose and Oakland?

    • Yes. Are you in need of remodeling?

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