Posted by: jeb1 | February 15, 2012

10 Reasons JEB Design/Build Is Different From Its Competitors

  1. Trustworthy Employees & Subcontractors– Studies have shown that about 17% of all construction workers are using some form of drug. Most homeowners are concerned about who will be working in their house. JEB Design/Build drug tests and background checks its’ employees and closely monitors subcontractors and suppliers. This helps homeowners have peace of mind about who is in their house performing work.
  2. Provides 3D Drawings of the Proposed Project-Many homeowners who have remodeled in the past have been disappointed with how a remodeling project appears after it was built. JEB Design/Build provides 3 dimensional views of proposed projects, this saves time and money by reducing changes during construction. Also, projects can be built more efficiently because workers clearly understand what the client wants the project to look like.
  3. Provides Creative, “Up-To-Date” Design Ideas-There are so many products and options to choose from, homeowners can become overwhelmed and concerned that they will choose “out of date” products. Many homeowners want assurance that what their remodeling will not look “dated”. At JEB Design/Build, our designers are constantly researching creative and “up to date” design ideas. This saves clients time and results in a remodeling project that will add more value to the house.
  4. No Financial Surprise-Many homeowners who have remodeled in the past have been surprised by additional bills at the end of their project. Some have reported that their project costs went up 30%-100% At JEB Design Build our process ensures financial predictability, and no surprises.
  5. Efficient Job Management-A homeowner’s time is very important. Clients should not have to “babysit” their contractors and subcontractors. JEB Design/Build ensures a client will not have to manage their own job.
  6. Quality of WorkHomeowners want to work with a company whose standard of work matches their own. JEB Design/Build stands behind their work and assures that your remodel is up to a client’s quality standards.
  7. Warranty– Homeowners want to work with a company that warranties and stands behind their past work. JEB Design/Build offers homeowners a warranty on all completed remodeling projects.
  8. Communication– Homeowners want a remodeler that is responsive to their request, protects their investment and will handle the coordination with the sources necessary to complete a project. JEB Design/Build believes that you must have an open line of communication to achieve these items.
  9. Schedule– Homeowners should not have to wonder if and when their contractor will show up and when the work will be completed. Homeowners want to know before a project starts when the contractors will be there, when milestone projects are taking place and when the completion date is. JEB Design/Build provides a clear, written schedule for their clients, as well as weekly updates.
  10. EPA Lead-Safe Certified Renovator– Homeowners of pre-1978 homes want to be protected from hazardous lead paint dust while they’re remodeling. JEB Design/Build is certified and trained under Section 402 of the Toxic Substances Control Act.

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