Posted by: jeb1 | September 26, 2011

Beautiful Shutters That Actually Work

Posted on: September 13, 2011

Source: Houzz

Age-old weatherproofing finds a place on all styles of windows and doors

Growing up in the suburbs, it seemed that one out of every two houses had shutters … but none of those shutters actually worked. Their function was decorative, a means of evoking a style instead of doing what shutters traditionally do: modulate light and privacy, protect windows from wind and rain, and close off a building when the occupants are away.

But shutters that actually work can still be found in new buildings, be it in tropical climes or in ways that they don’t even resemble shutters. What follows are a variety of shutter applications, from the traditional to the contemporary.

mediterranean exterior by Rebekah Zaveloff

This vernacular French country building illustrates not only the function of shutters in action but also various applications. The top floor uses double shutters at each window, while downstairs the squarish window is covered by only one shutter. Even the numerous doors include shutters.

by Rebekah Zaveloff


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