Posted by: jeb1 | August 31, 2011

Dramatic Lighting for Low Ceilings

Posted on: August 22, 2011

Source: Houzz

One of the most common design dilemmas when selecting overhead lighting is finding the right fixture for your ceiling height. Lower ceilings, even when 8-feet high, can make it hard to find a fixture that creates a sense of style without looking utilitarian.

Here’s the design dilemma: The bottom of the light fixture should be hung no lower than 6’8″ above the floor to avoid hitting your head when walking underneath. When you have an 8-foot high ceiling, that leaves you only 16″ of height to play with for a dramatic light fixture.

Most gorgeous chandeliers and interesting light fixtures do not fit into the 16″ high category, and if they do they’re only 16″ wide which can make for a dinky light fixture in a larger room.

I’ve created a roundup of some eye-catching options for low ceilings that will solve your low-ceiling woes and won’t leave you longing for those large dramatic chandeliers.

contemporary family room by Coburn Architecture and Interiors 
This living and play area is a great example of a ceiling height, that while not extraordinarily low, cannot house a large dramatic lighting fixture. The fixture they selected is low profile and still large in diameter to create drama without the risk of a bump on the noggin. The circles in the fixture play perfectly off of the circular holes in the architecture.

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