Posted by: jeb1 | August 19, 2011

Stair Flair: Staircases Unlike Any Other

Source: Houzz

By: Shawn Gauthier

If your home has two stories, a basement, or anything that requires the changing of floor levels, chances are you need a staircase. There are a few ways to go about it: you can choose the everyday traditional staircase, or you can make a statement with an original staircase that will make your neighbors jealous. Of course, in most cases, this requires you to be in the preliminary stages of a new construction or in the midst of a renovation, so maybe you can just tuck away these ideas for future use. However, if you’re in the place to take creative staircase action, consider the following tips to literally and figuratively bring your staircase to the next level.
contemporary staircase by Garret Cord Werner

Create a division. Don’t twist your neck: this split staircase instantly warrants a double-take.

by Garret Cord Werner


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