Posted by: jeb1 | July 11, 2011

Budget-Friendly Kids’ Room Updates From Expert Designers From HGTV

Expert designers share how to transform a kid’s room without spending a fortune.

Keep It Under $200

Lauren Jacobsen, Jacobsen Design:
The first place to create the most visual impact for the money is paint. A decent grade of paint will run $30 per gallon and you’ll need about two gallons for two coats. Bedding takes up one of the largest visual areas, and you can find plenty of bedding companies for kids online. A four-piece set will run about $79. The next large visual area is windows. A coordinating fabric valance is $18 and a wood rod with brackets is $22. With the remaining $20, I would either get a rug or some fun artwork for over the bed. The total cost is $199, and the result is a room with a new, fresh look.

Check out more of Lauren’s contemporary design style on Designers’ Portfolio.

Think Outside the Box

David Bromstad from Color Splash:
Kids’ rooms are a lot of fun because you can think outside the box. There are no boundaries when it comes to children; imagination is the only thing that limits you so you can really take it to another place. In all of my rooms I try to create a fun and engaging environment. For adults, too. Every room starts as a blank canvas.

Create Whimsy

Dan Vickery, the runner-up of Design Starseason four, uses his creativity to keep the budget low. Rather than a classic mobile, he designs simple boats that hang from the ceiling as a unique architectural feature. For a unique wall treatment, he uses a dry brush technique, and to customize the window treatments, he adds sophisticated fabric to ready-made panels.

Reclaimed Style

Sabrina Soto from Get It Soldsaves money and the environment by going dumpster diving with artist Lori Lynn Wallen. They create the mermaid-inspired artwork from a salvaged piece of wood. In addition, Sabrina works with carpenter David Brown to create the daybed from reclaimed wood and then covers it with brightly striped fabric.

Get the details on Sabrina’s hot pink girl’s room.

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