Posted by: jeb1 | June 22, 2011

The Modern Butler’s Pantry From Houzz

Carve Out a Space for Today’s Extra Serving Prep, Storage and Bartending

The butler’s pantry was historically a small room used for storing the family silver and formal china and as a staging area for serving meals. Now that most of us don’t have butlers, this space, also known as a serving pantry, has taken a new form as a wet bar and auxiliary storage and prep area.

Since this room is typically smaller and serves a singular function, it’s a great place to instill some high design in patterns and colors you might not normally use. If you have always wanted a butler’s pantry, here are some design ideas on where to carve out a space like this, and how to make the most of it.

traditional kitchen by Rob Kane - Kitchen Interiors Inc.

Use a pass-through to connect the serving pantry to the dining room. This space is connected to the dining room with high style through the arched opening. More formal casework and cabinetry ensures this functional room matches the formality of the dining room.

by Rob Kane – Kitchen Interiors Inc.

traditional kitchen by Richard Taylor Architects

Position the butler’s pantry by the dining room for maximum function. Historically, the butler’s pantry is a room between the formal dining room and the kitchen. It acted as the staging area for formal gatherings. Here, the butler’s pantry seems to be a hallway leading to the dining room. To counter the narrowness of the room, a large mirror makes the room seem bigger. Notice the abundance of counter space for display and staging meals.

by Richard Taylor Architects

traditional  by Lois Brant

Consider converting a nearby room into a butler’s pantry. These homeowners really wanted a butler’s pantry, so they converted a laundry room near the kitchen. With decorative elements like a chandelier and open display shelving, this room is given a new life. With auxiliary sink and dishwasher bring in the necessary functional aspects.

by Lois Brant

traditional kitchen by Gerrianne Russell, Cross Keys Designs

Give a nod to tradition. Truly classical in its styling, this butler’s pantry is both wet bar and storage area. Vintage style wall covering, a highly detailed chandelier and interior lit cabinets make this butler’s pantry a stunning example.

by Gerrianne Russell, Cross Keys Designs

traditional kitchen by Carla Aston, Aston Design Studio

This small butler’s pantry exudes design and style from all surfaces. The highly patterned floor mirrors the ceiling treatment. With interior lights, the built-in buffet shows off the serving pieces beautifully. A magnificent carriage lantern chandelier caps off the whole room.

by Carla Aston, Aston Design Studio

traditional kitchen by Venegas and Company

Don’t hesitate to build a butler’s pantry in a more contemporary setting. While a simpler design than the previous examples, this butler’s pantry fits perfectly in this contemporary home. The subtle palette of dark oak cabinetry, and cream and taupe backsplash help complete the contemporary look. Throw in a modern chandelier and it’s nearly a perfect butler’s pantry.

by Venegas and Company  

eclectic kitchen by Shannon Poe

Carve out a space in the kitchen. Not all of us have an extra room in which we can build a butler’s pantry. So, consider using part of your kitchen for this function. In this kitchen, the butler’s pantry is defined with a different cabinet color and other design elements than the rest of the kitchen.

by Shannon Poe

contemporary kitchen by Andre Rothblatt Architecture

Here’s a perfect example of how to do this in a contemporary kitchen. This little alcove in the background is defined as the butler’s pantry area. Open shelving and decorative items dress it up and separate it from the rest of the kitchen.

by Andre Rothblatt Architecture  

traditional kitchen by  
If space allows, go all out! I placed this example at the end to show how to bring it all together. Highly ornate cabinetry, a barrel ceiling and crystal chandelier call out the traditional nature of the English-inspired butler’s pantry.

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