Posted by: jeb1 | June 20, 2011

Your Shower: Make Room for the Bench From Houzz

See How a Place to Sit Turns a Shower Into a Spa

If you’re in shower-planning mode, I’m sure you’ve considered hardware, type of finish, shape, size and the like, but there’s one thing that may have skipped your mind: a bench. It may seem like a second-rate detail, but once you have it installed, you’ll wonder how you ever went without. Not only does it offer a useful ledge for shower supplies, but a bench is also great for shaving or just relaxing beneath a refreshing spray.

Like any décor detail, there are different ways to go about it; if you’re starting to think this idea isn’t half bad, take a peek at these photos. Hopefully they’ll help you determine whether a bench is right for you, and if so, offer a few thoughts on just what to choose to complete your shower.

modern bathroom by Adam Stockett

Complement the shape of your shower. Have curved walls? Consider an oval or circular bench. Position it beneath the showerhead so you never have to be without that warm stream of water when using it.

by Adam Stockett

modern bathroom by Alterstudio

Reflect the furnishings in the bathroom. Furnish your shower with a bench that replicates the seating found in the main part of the bathroom. This is especially chic when your shower is finished with glass doors: that way the eye can make the connection.

by Alterstudio

contemporary bathroom by Nora Schneider Interior Design

Finish the bench in the same tile as the shower. The bench will disappear right into the wall of the shower, creating a seamless look.

by Nora Schneider Interior Design

contemporary bathroom by Jason Ball Interiors

Use those corners! Don’t have a lot of space? Sneak a ledge into the corner.

by Jason Ball Interiors

eclectic bathroom by John Lively & Associates

Install it length-wise vs. width-wise. If you have the space, use it wisely. The more ledge the better!

by John Lively & Associates

modern bathroom by Birdseye Design

Overlap the shower’s perimeter with the tub surround. This infuses the different elements of the bathroom in an interesting way and gives the shower an instant bench without the additional cost. Finish the shower with glass to show off this chic solution.

by Birdseye Design

modern bathroom by Cary Bernstein Architect

Extend the vanity into the shower. Like the previous photo, this is another way to utilize an already existing element in the bathroom as your shower bench. This photo is interesting since you can see the room from two different angles: the extension of the vanity also makes the bathroom feel much larger.

by Cary Bernstein Architect

traditional bathroom by K & M Designs

Consider a fold-up bench. If space is tight, this is a great solution. Fold it down when you need it, up when you don’t. Perfect.

by K & M Designs

eclectic bathroom by Design Associates - Lynette Zambon, Carol Merica

Go for double the bench. When you’re working with a shower as large and visually enticing as this one, you have to go all out. With all the functionality one bench offers, imagine two!

by Design Associates – Lynette Zambon, Carol Merica

contemporary bathroom by Tanya Woods

Substitute a ledge for a bench. If budget is tight, install a simpler ledge. It will save money and perform the exact same function.

by Tanya Woods

modern bathroom by Kimberly Arnold Fletcher

Get creative. Don’t want to go through the trouble of installation? Find a small table or stool and stick it in the shower. Don’t forget to waterproof it if necessary.

by Kimberly Arnold Fletcher  

contemporary bathroom by ZeroEnergy Design

Go straight for the recliner. Hey, life is short, right?

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