Posted by: jeb1 | June 1, 2011

The EPA is finally Enforcing the RRP Rule for Non-Compliant Contractors


The EPA has come after companies with deep pockets and published there enforcement action in an effort to frighten contractors into compliance. This sounds like the IRS strategy. Back in October 2010, a video was taken of multiple violations of a repainting project and sent to the EPA for action. No action was taken until May 2011. I have talked to many RRP compliant contractors that are very upset about the uneven enforce by EPA. They will bid a job based on the RRP procedures that must be followed. An illegal contract will come behind them and get the job based on a reduced price without having the expense of the added procedures.

It is only fair that the law should be enforced equally for everyone. The action taken against the Rockland, Maine renovator indicates a start in the direction of level playing field for the contracting industry.

Note: Mark over at gave me the heads up on the below YouTube video. Thanks mark!


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