Posted by: jeb1 | April 12, 2011

Guide to Creating a Stylish Kitchen From HGTV

Ready to redo your kitchen? From sleek and chic to retro and nostalgic, these ten popular kitchen design themes are sure to inspire your room makeover.

modern asian inspired kitchen


If you’re looking for a style that brings harmony and balance to your kitchen, consider a serene Asian interior. Natural elements, like bamboo flooring, are combined with clean architectural lines. Keep the color palette simple, and add appliances that blend into the overall design.


new paint, beadboard and hardware freshen kitchen


The cottage kitchen is all about simplicity. Relaxed and informal, this easygoing style is perfect for a relaxed look. Look for cabinetry and furniture in light woods or paint your existing pieces in a low-sheen white.



A Mediterranean kitchen is vibrant, but combined with aged texture and warmth. The style is characterized by architectural details, such as arches and recessed nooks, and uses a color palette of soft yellows, wheats, oranges and reds. A big family table is a must for gatherings, so be thoughtful about food prep and seating areas. Add Old World character to the walls, and use rustic hardware on distressed cabinet doors.

 Dennis euro kitchen

English Country

Casual and cozy, the English country kitchen combines traditional style with some farmhouse flair. A crisp, clean color palette and vintage furniture are simple ways to add the style to your kitchen. If you’re making major changes, stick with easy-to-care-for surfaces, like subway tile and stone countertops.


French Country

The French country kitchen serves up a warm, comfortable gathering place for family and friends. A color palette of blues, reds, greens and yellows echo nature, and walls and cabinets often feature a distressed, Old World look. Antique furniture, colorful fabrics and interesting textures (think hand-blown glass bottles and oversized baskets) add the perfect touches.

 Avram Rusu modern kitchen orange


Make a statement with a modern kitchen. Keep it simple with clean, straight lines, and use industrial materials like concrete or stainless steel for countertops and backsplashes. For your color palette, stick with black and white or choose one bold color to use throughout the space.



Inspired by a mountain lodge, the rustic kitchen evokes a cozy, cabin-style ambiance, but it can easily blend into a modern home. Organic materials, like timber and stone, are combined with polished tile and glass. If you live in an older home, highlight the original architecture to bring personality and a timeworn quality to the space.



You don’t have to live on the beach to create a laid-back tropical kitchen. Combine a bright and breezy color palette of citrus shades and oceanlike blues with natural elements like rattan and bamboo. Tile backsplashes or countertops are the perfect places to add bold color, and bring the outdoors inside by incorporating botanical prints or artwork.



Bring the rich flavor of Italy’s region of Tuscany into your kitchen. For your flooring, choose a durable material like tile or tumbled stone. Tuscan walls are characterized with faux finishes and sun-drenched colors in shades of terra cotta, orange and yellow. Aged wood and open cabinets create an unstructured look, so complement the woodwork with rustic, handcrafted hardware.

 red chair cushions brighten kitchen stainless


Whether you desire a cheerful ’50s retro space or a graceful Victorian renovation, the vintage kitchen is the style for a chef who wants the special charm from a past era. A ’50s kitchen conjures up ruby, yellow and turquoise shades while subdued colors mark the Victorian palette. Stock the ultimate vintage kitchen with the ultimate finds from the era you want to portray.


  1. The modern and asia kitchens look great. they are more my style.

  2. […] Jeb Design/Build Blog: This is simply a blog post, but I liked that it had the different styles of kitchen and an explanation of them with a picture. The kitchens they feature are: Asian, cottage, Mediterranean, English country, French Country, Modern, rustic, tropical, Tuscan, and vintage. ( […]

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