Posted by: jeb1 | March 28, 2011

Outdoor-Room Design Styles from HGTV

Check out these stunning design styles that range from English country to Southwest.

covered patio provides privacy and peaceCountry: Dan Berger put a modern twist on rustic-country style when he designed this pergola by a babbling brook.


Asian: Designs in this style depend on thoughtful positioning of simple elements. Here, rocks, water and plantings create a powerful statement of form.


Modern: Geometric patterns and pops of color give this patio an energetic look.


Eclectic: Color Splash host David Bromstad combined elements of art nouveau and reinvented some flea market finds to create this eclectic patio.


Mission-style woodwork accents this arbor and barbecue with a cast-glass concrete countertop, designed by Scott Cohen.

 outdoor fireplace warms backyard living space

Mediterranean: The several different regional styles within this category all include the use of warm, earthy colors. This outdoor kitchen/family room features a built-in barbecue cook center with granite counters and potted herbs for easy access. Designed by Shirley Bovshow

 pathway leads to backyard swing

English Country: Plants and simple-but-timeless hardscaping rule in this design style. The look can include cottage-type gardens, low boxwood borders, brickwork and wrought iron. This tee arbor creates a cozy sitting area off the main path in the garden. Designed by Dan Berger

 tropical backyard landscaping

Tropical: A water element may or may not be present in this design style, but tender, big-leaved plants are a must. Red bananas and lady palms potted in cast concrete jardinieres bring splashes of color and a tropical flair to this garden. Designed by Heather Hardcastle


Contemporary: Bold color and simple lines create this comfortable sitting area.


Southwest: Warm tones, stone and terra cotta are givens in Southwest design. Here, the homeowner added an antique tractor as decor and conversation piece.


  1. Hi Jeb,
    Thanks for including my design in your post!
    Shirley Bovshow

    • Thank you for an awesome design!

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