Posted by: jeb1 | March 3, 2011

Local Nonprofit Making a Difference

A new study by the Shreveport Police  shows dramatic improvements around Community Renewal International’s four target neighborhoods/Friendship Houses. The study compares crime rates from one year before the Friendship House opened to the most recent statistics available.

Around Community Renewal International’s Friendships Houses in Allendale, major crime has dropped 73%, compared to 24% for the rest of the city. In Cedar Grove, major crime fell 42% around the Friendship Houses, compared to 39% for the city. in Queensborough, major crime has dropped 51%, compared to 29% for the whole city. And when looking at all types of crime in the Highland neighborhood, total crimes fell 55% around the Friendship House, compared to 25% for the city. Soon, Community Renewal International will be reporting similar news from the Barksdale Annex area in Bossier City where they are seeing great progress and improvements.

For more information about Community Renewal International go to,

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