Posted by: jeb1 | February 28, 2011

The Master Chart of (Home) Design Influence-From daily5Remodel

“Home design is starting to follow the fashion world, and depending on the age of the homeowner, that’s who you have to adapt to,” according to kitchen designer, blogger and trend-watcher Kelly Morisseau

We caught her briefly last night, and asked her to provide the residential design response to The Master Chart of Fashion Influence, published yesterday in the Wall Street Journal in conjunction with New York’s fashion week. (Click on the link above for the interactive version.)

Is there any equivalent for the very bricks-and-mortar world of home design? 

First, said Morriseau, if you do high home design, stay attuned to fashion trends broadly.

“Cutting-edge designers in the high end had better know their luxury brands — whether it’s a range or a car or a watch or a wine.”

Second, depending on your clientele, they too may be heavily influenced by “fashion” however it’s defined. .

“If we get into generational divides, millennials are much more likely to buy something that they saw a) on tv, b) plugged by a star or c) in a movie,” Morriseau said. “Product placement is king.”

Third, regardless of age, “There is a market of home design ‘fashionistas’ who follow everything from House Beautiful to Better Homes for ultimate style,” she said. “They know the architects and designers. They may or may not have the budget — but they want the look.”

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