Posted by: jeb1 | January 11, 2011

Client Gifts

By Steve Gray

As I sit back and think about what our company has accomplished this year, I am taking time to remember how we receive new business: from our clients. I like to thank them during this season. What’s great is that “thanking” them often generates business for the New Year.

First, we work with one of the best florists in Indianapolis, Posh Petals. The company is known for creating the coolest arrangements with exotic flowers. They have a great reputation, just like Steve Gray Renovations. They set us up to look good!

We not only order custom flower arrangements from Posh Petals for our clients, we also hand deliver them. I call each client and set a time to meet them at their house. Then I pick up the arrangements and personally deliver them to the client at the set time.

This is a great public relations tool that always generates long-term goodwill and offers great return on investment. Not only am I getting in front of satisfied clients once more, I also am bringing them some spectacular flowers for the holiday season. The drop-off time is anywhere from 45 minutes to over an hour because I’m not just there to drop off the flowers and go. We talk about their families, my family, and go over a little bit of business. Clients often tell me about projects they want to do in the spring or handyman needs they want to tackle after the holidays.

Like most homeowners at this time of year, our clients are entertaining friends and family. The spectacular flowers prompt guests to ask about the source of the gift. Homeowners get to share our company’s name, which generates more word of mouth publicity.

We deliver 20 to 30 flower arrangements per season. This year, I started around Thanksgiving because some of our clients are away for the holidays. The lasting impression, word of mouth discussion among family and friends, and list of new projects/handyman needs gathered during face time with clients will be invaluable in 2011. Plus we just feel good about doing the right thing at this time of year—saying thanks!

Steve Gray is the owner of Steve Gray Renovations in Indianapolis. Steve’s vision is to bring professionalism to the home renovation industry. He works with homeowners to turn their renovation dreams into reality using a process that creates long-term relationships through four core tenets: honesty, integrity, quality and craftsmanship.

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