Posted by: jeb1 | October 4, 2010

The Guaranteed Remodel by JEB Design/Build

The Guaranteed Remodel-“Outstanding Craftsmanship. On Time. On Budget. Guaranteed.”

The Guaranteed Remodel by JEB Design/Build, LLC covers all projects over $20,000 and guarantees, in writing the project price and project duration. If JEB Design/Build, LLC fails to deliver the project in the stipulated time frame, the client will receive a credit of $500.00 for every week the project goes over the completion date listed in the official letter.

Project duration is measured from actual start date to delivery date. The start date is defined as the date listed in our “The Guaranteed Remodel” official start date letter. Delivery date is “substantial completion”, the date at which the space can be used for its intended purpose.

Once the project is complete, JEB Design/Build, LLC will also guarantee the craftsmanship for 2 years from the date the final payment is received.

If we miss the project delivery date, we will credit or a refund to the client $500.00 to their final payment for every week we are late. In addition the final price is guaranteed. Our craftsmanship is also guaranteed for 2 years.

With The Guaranteed Remodel from JEB Design/Build, LLC you can launch your home improvement project with confidence knowing that the price, craftsmanship and schedule are guaranteed.

Because certain types of delays are beyond our control, “The Guaranteed Remodel” guarantees price and duration except when:

1. Industry-wide, documented materials or labor shortages or sudden and substantial material price increases occur, due to but not limited to:
    a. Extreme weather, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, etc.
    b. Fuel price volatility
    c. Acts of terrorism

2. Municipal inspections cannot be scheduled (e.g., city inspectors are unavailable when needed) or are delayed due to circumstances beyond JEB Design/Build, LLC’s control.

3. Client purchased materials are not on site when needed, or are delivered in damaged condition.

4. Change orders are made, which may add both time and cost to a project. They occur when:
    a. The client adds or alters the scope of work.
    b. Unforeseen latent/hidden conditions emerge.

5. The client must make all relevant selections before the project starts.

If a timing exception should occur, you will be notified in writing as to how many days this will impact your project, and you will be given the revised delivery date. If a pricing exception should occur, you will be notified of the cost and asked to agree to the change order prior to its execution.

The description above is an explanation of “The Guaranteed Remodel”. It is not an offer made to a client. The actual offer is contained in the official start date letter.

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