Posted by: jeb1 | September 17, 2010

BBB Advice on Hiring Contractors for Home Improvements & Remodeling

With the National Association of Realtors’ reporting current pending home sales down 21.4 percent from the first quarter of 2007, and Standard & Poor’s citing the steepest decline in home values in the 20-year history of its housing index, many homeowners are now choosing to remodel their current home rather than selling in an effort to hold home values in the turbulent U.S. housing market. To execute the strategy successfully, most projects require professional help and Better Business Bureau (BBB) is offering advice and guidance on finding trustworthy contractors who can help make the strategy pay off. 

According to the Home Improvement Research Institute (HIRI), homeowners spent $306.7 billion on remodeling projects in 2007. Despite substantial declines in other U.S. housing market indicators, HIRI expects only a modest decline in home improvement spending in 2008, and estimates the amount of money spent by homeowners will exceed $302 billion.

Many homeowners feel that finding a trustworthy contractor is a difficult task. According to the recently released BBB/Gallup Trust in Business Survey, 73 percent of respondents indicated that they didn’t have a great deal or a lot of trust in contractors. 

“Homeowners often don’t know where to begin looking for reliable help for home improvement projects, but finding a trustworthy contractor doesn’t have to be a difficult task,” said Steve Cox, BBB spokesperson. “While asking friends and family for references is advised, homeowners can start their research easily and quickly online with free BBB Reliability ReportsTM that provide an unbiased assessment on many types of contractors operating in their community.”

For homeowners looking to make renovations, BBB offers the following advice on how to choose a contractor they can trust:

Start with trust
Most homeowners have heard of, and in some cases experienced, shady contractors that ask for payment up front, perform shoddy work, and then refuse refunds or redress of issues. BBB encourages homeowners to do their homework – starting online at where they can search BBB’s online directory for BBB-accredited contractors and remodeling businesses in their area.

Get references
BBB recommends homeowners ask all contractors for local references and then take the next step by finding out if those customers were satisfied with the contractor’s work. If possible, homeowners should visit and inspect completed projects.

Ask the experts
BBB advises that homeowners find out if a contractor is a member of a professional association which has standards or a code of ethics. All BBB Accredited Businesses have agreed to uphold BBB standards for ethics in the marketplace. Homeowners can also check with BBB to learn how long a contractor has been in business and if the firm has been responsive to any complaints filed with BBB.

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