Posted by: jeb1 | April 17, 2009


The dream bathroom you fell in love with at that expensive hotel or stared at in a magazine is now a possibility with remodeling. It doesn’t have to be expensive and every square foot is designed for what you need.

The first priority in making a good bathroom is assessing what your needs are. If you are married two sinks are very convenient, and counter space is often an issue for women. Close outlets in safe locations are essential for hair driers, electric razors, curlers, and fancy toothbrushes. Cabinets and shelves under the counter and beside your mirror help keep the bathroom looking clean and uncluttered, as well. Counters are also available raised, sometimes to 36 inches, in order to avoid hunching over.
Sit down vanities are excellent for women and their make-up. It prevents leaning over the sink and reaching for the mirror or knocking over your wet toothbrush.

For the simpler lifestyles or couples who are very organized, elegant pedestal sinks can be stunning. From modern glass bowls to ancient, restored facets, there is a sink you will love on the Kohler website. Cabinets are still an option in other parts of the bathroom like next to the pedestal. In-wall or mirrored medicine cabinets above vanity are helpful so you have the right amount of room for medicine and band-aids.

New master bathrooms are often larger today, but a two-person bathroom still needs to create privacy for the toilet. This can be simple by making a closet style room to the side, putting decorative cabinets as a divider, or installing a half wall.

Bathtubs and showers come in huge varieties. Whirlpool tubs are a relaxing option that can calm nerves after a long day or just an extra large tub can be perfect for soaking. Showers are becoming more popular in three by four foot sizes with benches or seats installed. Choose the right spot to put your shampoo shelf or soap dish, too.

Light is always needed in the bathroom for not only grooming, but creating a pleasant feel to the room, as well. Transom windows and glass blocks are a great way to do this, and Hollywood light bulbs can help the girls put on make-up faster. Recessed lights are popular today as opposed to old style florescent lighting.

Remodeling should not just be for making a house prettier from the outside or improving the living room. It should be for yourself and what is needed in daily life. A fabulous bathroom helps get the day started off with ease and creates an environment that welcomes you home.

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