Posted by: jeb1 | March 20, 2009


            A spot to hear the rain, finish reading the last chapter of your book, and escape everyday worries for just a moment, is what everyone needs in their house.  Some people have a favorite chair or room, but by remodeling it could be a window seat under the staircase or in your room. 


            With remodeling the dreams you have always had for your perfect house come true like a fairy tale being told for the first time.  Professionals can help you choose a place to put a window and comfortable window seat.  Cabinets can easily be installed under the seat for storing your secret stash of reading material, snacks, or games.  Outside the window you can leisurely gaze at the most beautiful view from your home, and during winter you can feel the warm sun shining without the cold wind.


A window seat can be more special than other aspects of a home because of the many ways it can be personalized.  When you choose to remodel, the builder works with you to design the perfect nook.  The seat will be as long as you want, as wide as you like, and as plush a pillow as the best decorators can find. 


The actual window is another key option that you can decide.  Unlike other windows in your home, the style of the window does not have to exactly match the style of the house.  Circular windows create a neat view, but square windows can be opened during spring days to let a refreshing breeze flow in.  Some people fall in love with the windows that frames the view of their yard into little squares.  Others prefer the more modern window with an uninterrupted sheet of glass.  Stained glass and translucent options are also available if great light comes in without a good view. 


When a soggy, nasty day comes around and you do not feel like going out side, stay in.  Tuck yourself away and out of reach of a mundane daily routine.  Lounge in warm pajamas in that quieting place called your window seat. 

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