Posted by: jeb1 | February 25, 2009


Most people are not comfortable with tight spaces and a claustrophobic feel about them. That is why it is important to have an open home that flows from room to room. This can save space, time, and look great.
Some favorite aspects to a nice home are its transitions and subtle differences between rooms. It is easy to put a door on a bedroom, but connecting the living room to the den, kitchen, and other important rooms can be complicated.
By remodeling a client can work with the remodeler and a talented staff to find what they want and how to get it. A person must ask how much each room is used, which paths are walked the most, and what areas are tight.
One great advantage to having an open house is for parties and functions where a lot of space is needed. Guest should be able to move throughout rooms, find the food, and not feel secluded. Sometimes a segmental arch or tutor arch between rooms can achieve this while leaving a wide space so that a long table could spill into the next room.
Pillars can also form a large, elegant doorway while keeping construction to a minimum. A change of flooring and wall covering is another cost saving method of distinguishing rooms. Heating and cooling cost go down after remodeling, as well. By using rooms for multiple tasks, other rooms can be eliminated and circulation can be improved.
Ever wanted to have a small library in your house? It is easy now with remodeling to turn a small nook of your living room into a reading area with bookshelves and natural light from windows.
The latest style to make an incredible bedroom suite is making a large bathroom and changing area with walk-in closets to connect the master bath and bedroom. Placing a chair for changing and mirror helps make a usable transition from one room to the next.
Sharp divisions between rooms and spaces take flexibility away from a house. Furniture options and extra space usage are lost, as well. Remodeling can change all this and it often takes fewer changes than expected to have potent effects.


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