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To make your home inviting to guests takes more than simply putting out a welcome mat. The exterior of a house makes the first impression and it is important for it to put guests at ease. A well-designed entry will set the tone for interior spaces and provide a gentle transition from the outside to the inside.


If the entry to your home is outdated or difficult for guests to locate, remodeling can solve those problems and greatly increase the homes curb appeal.


There are several design ideas to keep in mind when updating an entry. The walkway to your front door should curve slightly, making the path more inviting. There are very few straight lines in nature and you want the path to feel natural. The lines of a straight path can be broken up with decorative stones or potted plants.


Lighting is important as it provides a warm welcome and ensures safety and security. If the path is short, and the entry is well-lit, additional lighting might not be needed. However, long paths, paths with steps and paths that change directions should be lit to assure your guests safely reach the front door.


Some older homes have steps that lead to the front door without any real landing provided. This is uncomfortable for guests, as they have to perch on the top step as they wait for the door to be answered. These landing can be modified to allow at least a three-foot landing, which is visually appealing and more welcoming for guests.

If you have a faulty doorbell, or one with a faint ring, it needs to be replaced. It is uncomfortable for guests if they ring the door bell and are unsure if it is heard inside. Sidelights on the door will let guests know someone is coming to let them in, giving them a chance to step to the side of the door.


Finally, a covered porch gives guests a chance to get out of the elements and can give homeowners a comfortable place to gather outside.


The Boone family has a home on the lake in Benton. Knowing it needed an update they turned to JEB Design/Build of Shreveport to give them an entry that fit the style of the house.


“The way the front door was before, it was very hidden, it was very dark, and basically it was just a place for dirt daubers,” said Angie Jackson, a project consultant with JEB Design/Build, who worked on Boone remodel. “They never used it. The wanted a focal point for the front, so when you drove up to the house, it was the first thing you saw and noticed.”


There is no doubt where the front door is now that it has been remodeled. The area surrounding the front door is set-off by a wrought iron fence. A path gently leads guests up to the new stained concrete floor that serves as a patio. The bumped-out gabled roof tells guests exactly where the front door is. The new entry area blends perfectly with the rest of the house.

A few simple design changes and minor


remodeling can really put out the welcome mat for guests. There is no reason to have an entry that is turned over to dirt daubers. An inviting entry is the best way to welcome guests into your home.


JEB Design/Build, LLC is a local company that has been in business since 1953. They provide design and remodeling services to the northwest Louisiana area. They are experienced in designing and remodeling home entries to make them warm and welcoming.


For more information and examples of local work, contact JEB Design/Build or visit our website at

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