Posted by: jeb1 | October 31, 2008


Every homeowner wants a home that suits them and the way they live. Often, they come to a point where they try to make a decision: move or remodel?


There are many benefits to remodeling verses moving. Firstly, moving is a hassle. There is a large time expenditure involved in finding a new home. Then, assuming the right house at the right price can be found, there is still packing up, switching utilities and unpacking involved.


Secondly, it takes a good deal of money to move, over and above the price of the house. There are realtor fees to be paid, closing costs, new window treatments to be bought and, if the furniture doesn’t work quite right in the new space, new furniture has to be purchased. The costs quickly add up and the new house still might not be quite right for the homeowner’s needs.


“A recent national statistic that examined moving verses remodeling found the total estimated percent cost to move is 12.1 percent,” said David Schudalla, a project consultant with JEB Design/Build of Shreveport. “If you look at moving expenses as a percentage of new home prices, 12 percent of your new home cost is moving.”


The desire to stay in a home is often as much about emotions as it is finances. The children might be in a great school district. Maybe the homeowners have established close relationships with their neighbors. Sometimes a home has been handed down from one generation to another. Many homeowners have raised a family in their home and they just don’t want to leave it; but they do need it to suit their changing way of life.


Remodeling can make a home work for the homeowner. Whether it is sentiment or money that makes a homeowner choose to stay in a particular house, an experienced designer and remodeler can make it a home they can happily stay in for a lifetime.


“Now days, it is so hard to find the perfect house, in the perfect location, on a perfect lot,” said Angie Jackson, also a project consultant with JEB Design/Build. “There just aren’t as many options anymore. To be able to work with what you have got…most people love their house, it is just this or that that needs to be addressed.”


Another thing to consider is craftsmanship. Everyone has heard the saying, “they just don’t make them like thy used to.” While it is possible to find well-built new construction, the craftsmanship that was put into homes built 50, 60 and 70 years ago is hard to find in our modern world. A homeowner living in an 80-year-old house might not be happy about the small rooms, but they love the solidness of the construction. Remodeling can open up those rooms and maintain the integrity of the home.


A homeowner who chooses to remodel will have a lot of decisions to make. They will want the remodel to suit the scale and style of their home. Ideally, the remodeled area of their home should blend seamlessly with all the areas in the home. An addition should complement a home, not look as though it was tacked on.


Ultimately, by choosing to remodel, a homeowner can stay in a home that is full of memories and is customized specifically for them. 


JEB Design/Build, LLC is a local company that has been in business since 1953. They provide design and remodeling services to the northwest Louisiana area. They are experienced in designing and remodeling homes to make them perfect for homeowners.


For more information and examples of local work, contact JEB Design/Build. Or visit


JEB Design/Build, LLC 

Office: 318-865-4914

Fax: 318-869-2301



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