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Planning the remodel of a small space does not mean you have to think small. In fact, bold design choices that might be lost in a large room will really pop when placed in a small area.

Greg and Teresa Procell purchased a home near Greenwood about three years ago and have been slowly remodeling it. When it came time to remodel one of the bathrooms, they turned to the design experts at JEB Design/Build, LLC of Shreveport.

The challenge was the unique layout of the space and the small size of the rooms.

The bathroom is a Hollywood style bath, popular at one time, but not seen much in new construction.

There are three rooms, side by side, the same sizes, that make up the bathroom. Each room is five feet by five feet. The two bathrooms on either end of the tub are exact opposites, said David Schudalla, a project consultant for JEB.

What the Procell bathroom lacked in size, it now makes up for with style. Each side of the suite showcases gorgeous vessel sinks that sit on top of the vanity cabinets like a piece of sculpture. The faucets are mounted on the wall above the sinks, giving the sink and cabinet a very clean look.

The room in the center of the bathrooms houses the tub and a storage cabinet. The tile shower surround is made of a unique tile, one by two, split-faced Dorado tiles. Its rough texture gives the surround a natural, rustic look. The same tiles are used on the face of the tub as well, a look that you don’t find in many bathrooms.

“It is a really hard tile to set,” said Schudalla. “You see it a lot in kitchens, because you can’t grout in between it. I would say (the tile skirting on the tub) is pretty unique. Most of the time, we usually skirt the bathtub with a wood panel, like a cabinet front. With this room, we skirted it with the tile.”

“Everyone that comes in there, the tub and surround is their favorite. They really like that,” said Teresa.

JEB was able to use the existing built-in cabinets across from the tub, but gave them a new, stylish look. The door panes were removed and replaced with doors featuring a textured glass. The textured glass plays very well off of the textured tub and shower surround it faces. Inside the cabinets, rope lighting was used to provide indirect lighting. New can lights were installed in the bathroom for a modern look.

Schudalla thinks the bold design choices really make an impact. “When you walk in the room, you don’t expect something that busy to be in such a small room. With the lighting; it really does seem to work well.”

Small spaces can be a challenge, but they don’t have to limit the homeowner to a choosing just the basics. With the right designer and the willingness to think outside the box, a small space can achieve maximum potential.

JEB Design/Build, LLC is a local company that has been in business since 1953. They provide design and remodeling services to the northwest Louisiana area. They are experienced in designing and remodeling bathrooms, both large and small.

For more information and examples of local work, contact JEB Design/Build.

JEB Design/Build, LLC

Office: 318-865-4914

Fax: 318-869-2301


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