Posted by: jeb1 | October 1, 2008

New Innovations Make It Easy To Organize Your Kitchen

Kitchens are the new hub of the home and they have been steadily growing in size. But just because a space is large does not mean that it is efficient. A 400-square-foot kitchen is not working if none of the stockpots fit in the cabinets and getting out grandma’s china requires digging through three separate cabinets.

An experienced designer can make your kitchen fit you and the way you work instead of you constantly trying to make things fit in the kitchen.

A designer will sit down with you and ask how you really use your kitchen. Do you do a lot of baking? Do the kids gather in there in the evenings to do homework? Do you have a weekly dinner party where you cook and serve 12 people and then clean up a mountain of dishes? Do you constantly curse the heavy stock pot that you fill at the sink and then lug across the room to the cook top?

Angie Jackson is a project consultant with JEB Design/Build in Shreveport. Often, when she asks someone those questions they have no idea what the answers are. But after talking with them about how they really use their kitchen, she sees areas that she can address to give them a better functioning kitchen.

Many people shop at the Sam’s these days and love finding deals on 18 rolls of paper towels. That is great, unless you don’t actually have the space to store 18 rolls of paper towels. A custom kitchen can ensure there is a space for everything and that the space is located where you use it the most.
On more than one occasion, a homeowner has come in with the measurements of their pots and pans and requested cabinets custom designed for them, Jackson said. That is not a problem.

“That is the great thing about doing true custom cabinets,” she said. “Every single cabinet is made for what your need. If you do have an oversized pot that you want in the cabinet, we can make sure that there is actual space for it. The worst thing to do is to invest a lot of money on a kitchen remodel and then it not be able to suit your needs.”

There are so many different ways to store items in the kitchen now. New innovations mean you can take advantage of every inch of space. Custom made drawers can pull out at an angle to avoid the oven handle. Cabinets can be fitted with roll out bins, extra deep drawers and wire baskets.

Pull out trash cans and recycling bins are handy but easily glide out of sight. Spice pull-outs take up a tiny amount of space and allow you to get all of your spices right there by your cook top where you need them. If your sink is not convenient to your cook top, you can have a pot filler installed at the stove and avoid lugging a heavy pot across the room. A coffee maker may get daily use but that does not mean it has to be seen by everyone. A cabinet can be designed with interior outlets for it—close the doors and that caffeine machine is out of sight.

An experienced design and remodel company can tell you about all the new innovations in kitchen design and help you find the right ones for your kitchen. Just imagine—a place for everything and everything in its place.

JEB Design/Build, LLC is a local company that has been in business since 1953. They provide design and remodeling services to the northwest Louisiana area. They are experienced in designing and remodeling kitchens with today’s newest innovations.

For more information and examples of local work, contact JEB Design/Build, (318) 865-4914.

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